19 Jun

Today has been a day of covering some distance, and it shows the benefit of having a day off.  My legs have felt good and I’ve been able to push along quite nicely.  I’ve done nearly 70km, and it feels like I’ve done it fairly easily.  It has been pretty flat, which helps, but it feels good to have maintained a speed of over 30kph for long periods of time.  I’m pleased with that.

I thought I might try to illustrate that by putting up two graphs from my GPS track of the day, showing both the elevation profile and my speed.  The x-axis on both graphs shows the distance covered, so you can compare them directly.  Ignore the sudden vertical jumps on the elevation profile.  The GPS has a barometric altimeter, which responds to changes in air pressure as if they are a change in altitude, and if I stop for a while and turn it off and on again a bit later, there is an air pressure change.  That happened several times today.



I’ve come from Aix-en-Provence to Raphele Les Arles, with several pretty stops along the way.  One was in the town of Salon-de-Provence, and on the way into town I crossed a large canal.  I thought this photo was quite dramatic, because the canal just stops, almost in mid-air.  There is a lock there, of course, but it looks quite something.


I chose that picture because it also includes the trike, and on a day of covering distance, I want to acknowledge what a fabulous machine that trike is, and pay tribute to the manufacturer, Greenspeed.  On this trip, it has performed faultlessly.  I have had two mechanical incidents, neither of which has been the fault of the machine.  The first was when a small stone got caught in the mechanism where the chain passes under the seat on that terrible day on the Italian ‘cycle path’ in the Val di Chiani.  It took me about five minutes to find the problem and extract the stone.  The second was the broken spoke that I found as I left Alessandria and replaced that evening at Acqui Terme, which I attribute to the rough Italian roads.

Apart from those two small matters, I have not had a moment’s problem with the trike.  It has done everything I have asked it to do for over 1,700km since I arrived in Rome, and I have never had a moment’s doubt about it meeting every challenge I throw at it.

I know that it is something that many people regard as a funny looking thing, but if you are looking for a cheap, reliable, fun and interesting form of transport, a trike really should be on your shopping list.  Have a look at www.greenspeed.com.au to see what is possible.  This is true for Europe and America as well as Australia, because Greenspeed have dealers across the world.  And you can take it from me that car drivers do see the trike, and more importantly, they do allow space for the trike on the road.  I have now done nearly 53,000km on this machine, so I think I’ve got some grounds for making these claims about the trike.

Quite simply, I love this machine.


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  1. Lella 24/06/2012 at 12:26 am #

    Its your ‘other’ child… 🙂

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